Safety and Confidentiality of Information in Zer4u’s Internet Site

The building method and the way of operation of Zer4u’s Internet site guarantee that the Company respects the privacy of its customers and grants it with utmost importance.

The purpose of saving our customers’ information in the system is to continuously improve the service level and to give the customer the opportunity to purchase products in the most convenient manner and in an environment which gives him the most pleasant shopping experience.

In addition, the information gathered in the system about the purchasing habits of our customers and their identifying details is used only for the purpose of implementing transactions, entering private areas and providing technical assistance in the site.

The gathered information consists of a number of parts:


1.      Information provided by customers for the purpose of identification and content tailoring to relevant fields of interest.

2.      Information received in the system from external factors, the purpose of which is to improve the personal service level and the convenience level for the site users.  An example for such information is an interface for a passport which shortens the registration process for MSN customers.

3.      Automatic transfer of information through “Cookies” for the purpose of identifying return customers and interesting them about sales and contents which are tailored to their personal preferences.  This information is transferred between us and our customers upon the creation of a link between the personal browser and the shopping portal.  This form of identification is the most accepted in most sites which provide online services to customers.  The “Cookie” is an alphanumeric file which is transferred through the browser to the hard drive of the personal computer.  Our ability to identify and familiarize ourselves with our customers allows us to provide services, such as saving the purchase details from a previous visit to the site in a shopping cart, updating the customer about topics that interested him in the past and more.  The transfer of “Cookies” to the personal computer can be prevented by settings in the customers’ browser which do not allow the transfer of such data, but also prevent personal handling and familiarity with the customer’s fields of interest and preferences. 

          The information about our customers’ consumption habits and identification details is confidential and strictly protected and it is not transferred to external factors which are not related to the system.  Controlled access to the relevant information of the customers is provided only to our business partners, which are directly related to the operation of the system.  Information between us and our customers which is defined private is securely transferred by the SSL Protocol, which encodes the transferred information and prevents its disclosure to unauthorized parties.  The trading floor was planned and built with the accompaniment of a company specializing in solutions for electronic information security and in compliance with the market’s strictest security standards.  Once in every defined period, information security experts check the existing security level and ensure that the information gathered in the site is indeed secure and confidential.  In order to protect the privacy of minors, you may use the site only if you are older than 18.  Nevertheless, if minors do use the site, it is recommended that an adult supervises them during the implementation of a transaction.